Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) Task Force

The MFP Task Force was originally created and approved by BESE in 2013 for the purpose of considering revisions to the state's Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) formula for the 2014-15 school year. The group, comprised of legislators, school board members, superintendents, teachers, parents, and community and education organizations, met throughout the fall of 2013, delivering recommendations for the 2014-15 funding formula ultimately approved by the Board and the Louisiana Legislature.

At its August 2014 meeting, BESE authorized the reconvening of the MFP Task Force in the fall of 2014 to develop recommendations for the 2015-16 MFP formula. The task force will offer guidance on how best to improve the formula to most equitably and effectively fund schools and students. Specific topics to be considered include special education, early childhood education and student count methodology.

Scheduled meeting dates:

  • September 24, 2014
  • October 15, 2014
  • November 18, 2014
  • December 16, 2014
Additional information about the MFP Task Force will be available through this page and provided links. For any questions, please contact the BESE office.